Protect your property against fire with an RX Plastics Fire Fighting Kit

Images of the fast-spreading fires which recently wreaked havoc in parts of New Zealand and Australia are a sobering reminder of the extreme danger of fires this time of year.

In order to ensure you minimize the risk of a fire destroying your property it is best that you have a protection plan. You should also pay attention to the alerts and notices on the New Zealand Fire Service and National Rural Fire Authority websites.

Maintain a water supply

The best defence against fire is of course water. If you live in a rural area, it’s vital to have a reserve of water on your property which can be accessed by fire services in case a fire breaks out on or near your property.

RX Plastics provide a Fire Fighting and Water Reserve Kit that will enable emergency services to have easy access to your stored water supply.

RX’s Fire Fighting Kit is suitable for our 15,000L, 25,000L and 30,000L RX MAX Tanks using 25mm or 50mm inlet fittings, enabling high pressure hoses to be connected to your water tanks. The options are a 100mm Fire Fighting outlet with a standard hose fitting and the 75mm Fire Fighting outlet with a camlock fitting.

100mm Fire Fighting outlet with standard hose fitting

The kit contains all the necessary components and you should also ensure there is a vent in the tank on the dome, or that the tank lid is removed before the hose is used to avoid possibility of creating a vacuum in the tank.

To avoid distorting or bending the tent and hold the weight of the hose it is essential that the outlet sits on a concrete pad.

You should contact the Principal Rural Fire Office at your District Council to find out which size tank outlet is most suitable for your area. They will also be able to provide you with advice regarding tank size, location and fire appliance access to the water supply on your property.

Our kit complies with SNZ PAS 4509:2008, the New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice. In this document the Fire Service recommends that all structures in rural areas are fitted with sprinklers. It also outlines that in rural areas the effectiveness of a water supply for firefighting is affected by the time and distance from a fire station.

Contact us today for more information on our Fire Fighting and Water Reserve Kits.

Keep your land well watered

Another fire retardant is keeping your land well irrigated. Products such as K-line, with low water application rates, mean that the land is consistently kept well-watered, but not “washed”. If you have a lifestyle block, picking up a K-Line Farm Pack from your rural supplies retailer is the easiest way to get setup, protect your property (and provide some sprinkler fun for your kids at the same time!)

Properly thinned and spaced shrubs can act as a “green” fire barrier, working to absorb heat and deflect embers. In comparison, cleared areas are not effective at protecting against flames because of the easily flammable grasses and weeds that thrive in open land.

Storing water to protect your property against a fire and keeping your land well irrigated and maintained, could mean the difference between saving or losing a valuable asset.