Precise, Intelligent Irrigation using G-Set system controls

To the untrained eye, irrigation is just a question of applying water on to land to allow crops or pasture to grow.

However, in reality it’s not that simple; there are a number of variables, including climatic conditions and soil types, which greatly affect efficiency.

And then there is the need to scale effectively – managing the lawn sprinkler at home is very different to managing sprinkler units over a 500 ha property!

At RX Plastics, we understand the need to take control of your irrigation. That’s why we’ve worked hard with technology companies both here in NZ and overseas to develop intelligent controllers for our award winning G-Set irrigators.

Choice of Controllers

For fixed irrigation lines, RX Plastics offer two different types of G-set controllers: a Baccara system that requires individual setting of each irrigation pod, and a QTech system that allows multiple pods to be programmed wirelessly via a dedicated handheld controller.

Both systems use similar components with the aim to allow you programme the units and control your irrigation throughout the season as determined by soil condition and weather. Each pod is powered by a battery with a solar back-up, ensuring that whatever you request, the pod will have the power to complete its tasks throughout the irrigation period.

Individually Programmable


With their own CPU onboard, each G-Set controller can be programmed to set criteria, allowing each pod to operate independently.

Say for instance you have a part of your paddock which doesn’t get the same coverage as the majority of your pivot reach. The G-set system would allow you to control the precise amount to top up this area at the interval of your choosing.

This ability to be programmed means you can pre-set your irrigation patterns at the start of the season.

G-set can also be set for night and day irrigation, allowing for evapotranspiration and thus delivering maximum efficiency.

G-set systems will work with high-pressure systems, and can be programmed to whatever pressure you need. System design allows for operating pressure around 4bar, and can be tuned appropriately using pressure relief valves if you’re running at a greater pressure.

Wireless Technology

Baccara control systems require each pod to programmed on the sprinkler itself, which is ideal for smaller systems where differing irrigation is required across the installation

However if you need to programme multiple pods, the Qtech system takes this even further by using wireless technology to cover a mesh network, allowing reach to remote units up to 2km away.

The diagram below shows how the system is configured, depending on the size of the area to be irrigated or if you’re using post irrigators. G-Set-Controller-network

With the option of using your own laptop, or a handheld programmer if you’d prefer to be more mobile, you’ll have complete control over the operation of your G-set system.


Wireless control makes management of your G-set pods a breeze. Not only does it save you time but it also means that the system can be configured in areas where topography makes access difficult.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance, highly-efficient variable irrigation system, look no further than the G-Set controllers range.

Full details can be found on the RX Plastics G-Set irrigation page.