Food Grade Plastic Wine Tanks: an Alternative to Steel

For years winemakers have looked to stainless steel or concrete tanks for storing wines, but the industry has started demanding a more flexible cost-effective alternative.

RX Plastics has always prided itself on coming up with innovative new products and our new range of polyethylene Wine Tanks has been created to meet this demand.

Two ranges available

RX Plastics have developed two lines of wine tanks, Standard and Premium, which offer an affordable alternative storage solution.

Specifications of food grade polyethylene remains the same across the two lines, as do the capacities and colour choice.

However the premium tanks offer a stainless steel top entry manway, complete with pressure/vacuum relief valve, whereas the standard tanks feature a vented screw in lid.

Tank sizes range from 500L through to 31,500L so no matter the size of your operation or vintage, there’s a tank to suit.

R Plastics Wine Tanks

Food Safe Storage

Food grade polyethylene is UV stabilised and easy to clean, essential to maintain the integrity of the delicate product inside the tank.

The smooth surface of the tank ensures any fruit pulp is easily removed with a pressure washer and the stabilised nature of the tank means that the wine will not be tainted during storage, ensuring no flavour pickup.

Cost Effective and Convenient to Move

Plastic wine tanks make a lot of sense for any expanding winery. As production increases, so does storage requirements. With stainless steel tanks costing many times more than plastic tanks, wineries are able to make significant cost savings per litre stored when choosing plastic tanks.

But the purchase price compared to stainless steel is only one factor when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Being a portable product, the tanks can be easily moved once empty, something that is not the case for stainless steel tanks.

This means that once tanks are empty after bottling they can be put outside, freeing up valuable cellar space for other uses until the next season.

Lightweight and Durable

Unlike a stainless steel tank of the same capacity, smaller tanks can be moved by one person and medium tanks with two. And when tanks are being moved, with the polyethylene construction there’s no need to worry about denting the exterior with a plastic tank either.

You’ll also get further peace of mind with a 5 year warranty for Premium Tanks and a 10 Year Warranty for Standard Tanks.

Want to find out more details? Check out the spec sheet on our information hub.