New pipe irrigation innovations from RX Plastics

We are proud to announce what we’ve had in the pipeline! We’ve recently undergone the most extensive product development period in our company’s history. Launched at the recent Mystery Creek Fieldays, our new range of nearly 120 pipe irrigation fittings is our biggest yet.

We’ve been producing low density fittings for the New Zealand rural market for the past 30 years, and believe our brand new injection moulded range of fittings will firmly establish us as the country’s foremost fittings manufacturer and distributor and at the forefront of irrigation equipment.

Designed with the highest standards of quality and performance in mind, the new range of low density fittings is the fruit of a year-long development process which involves research, design, testing and manufacturing. One outstanding feature of these distinctive green fittings is that they are made of glass-reinforced nylon which is frost-resistant, making them ideal for New Zealand farming conditions.

Using the latest precision machine technology, the fittings are designed to be connected to pipe sizes ranging from 15 to 50mm. Covering every concievable variant, the fittings are designed to be an exact fit to their corresponding irrigation pipes, meaning they won’t leak when bent. The design also allows for firm mechanical and comfortable hand grips. Ideal for commercial horticulture and amenity irrigation solutions, the fittings are also suited for commercial, rural and domestic use.

According to our industrial designer and project engineer Chris Clay, one of the secrets of our success is the location of our factory in close proximity to customers who can test the products and offer constructive feedback. By working with the local farming community we can be confident that we are meeting the needs of New Zealand farmers. According to Clay, “we have created a New Zealand product that’s perfectly suited to the New Zealand rural environment”.

Following on from the success of our K-line pipe irrigation and effluent ranges, we are proud to add our brand new range of pipe irrigation solutions to our product range and to now be able to offer our customers a full range of irrigation pipe solutions and fittings.