Keeping your stock happy and healthy with RX Troughs

RX-plastics-troughsAs the end of the year rolls around, the heat starts to ramp up, particularly down here on the edge of the Canterbury Plains.

With precious little natural moisture coming down from above, down on the farm we look to our water reserves to keep our pastures and stock happy.

Getting water supply to livestock is one thing, but being able to deliver it effectively requires tough, durable troughs that are not only able to deal with extremes in weather, but also capable of dealing with knocks from large animals. After all horses, cows, sheep, deer and even buffalo aren’t known for their table manners!

RX Plastic Stock Troughs

RX Plastics offers two ranges of stock troughs: Standard and Super Troughs. Both ranges are made from strong virgin PE material that’s tough and UV stable.

RX Plastics Super Troughs come standard with a 20mm long threaded, full flow float valve complete with backnut and 150mm ball float. The troughs also feature hidden lead in pipes to the ballcock to minimise rubbing by stock.

This all in one solution is literally a ‘plug and play’ design – simply attach a standard 20mm pipe and you’ll have a regulated stock water supply. The full flow valve is rated to 80psi, with a flow rate of 160lpm, meaning troughs will be able to keep up with demand from even the thirstiest of stock.

Durable Construction

Super troughs are available in a variety of forms from 100l upwards. There’s a number of round, rectangular and through-the-fence troughs available, so whatever the size of your flock or herd there’s something to keep them all hydrated and healthy.

Their durable construction, featuring super sized inner ribs and a strong outer rim also means that they can easily be moved, ideal if you’re break feeding or if you need a little extra water on hand in the yards or on your stock lanes.

On the Fence?

If you’re after something that’s fence hung, RX plastics also offer a range of smaller fence hung troughs in 12 or 25l. Like the other super troughs, these also have a 20mm full flow ballcock and float included, as well as a threaded bung in the base for easy clean out.

Feeding Out

If you’re after a dual purpose trough which can be used for stock water or feed, the Standard Trough range is a great alternative. Both round and rectangular versions come with a rolled rim for extra strength, so are able to deal with whatever your stock deals to them.

Standard troughs are available in smaller sizes than the Super Trough range, making them ideal for lifestyle farmers or for use in smaller pens or yards.
Available in 450l, the small size of the Standard round trough means they are also suitable for use as fishponds!

Need Water On The Hoof?

For those that need a portable solution, RX Plastics also offer a range of Porta Troughs. Featuring easy to roll cylindrical bodies, Porta Troughs have a recess to allow for pipe to be wound around the body of the trough, much like a cotton reel.

A complete kit is available featuring 50mm of 20mm low density pipe as well as a 150mm ball float. If you have a small herd or flock that’s moved regularly, Porta Troughs provide an easy to assemble and disassemble solution to move with your stock.

If you’re after a way to maintain a safe, clean supply of water to your stock, check out the Troughs brochure. And don’t forget, most animals love a shower from a K-Line pod too!