The K-Line Craze – Irrigating Maize

Since it was first developed in the 1990s, K-Line has come a long way. Designed originally for mainly dairy pasture irrigation, we’ve continued our development process to perfect it to work effectively in all types of terrain and with different crop varieties.

Our most recent K-Line innovation has evolved thanks to our relationship with Chilean agricultural cooperative Cooprinsem. We have been working to modify our system to better suit South American farming conditions and the result is something we’re very proud of!

We have developed maize risers and corner Karousels for use on mature maize crops. The tall maize risers are designed to work efficiently with crops and the Karousels enable the K-line pods to be towed in a straight line down a row and then into the next row for irrigation with ease. Implementing the Karousels solves the issue of potential damage to mature plants or trees, causing by dragging a line of pods to new locations.

South American farmland, characterised by irregular paddock shapes and hilly terrain, poses a challenge to conventional centre pivot irrigation systems.

Another feature of some South American farms is trees planted in the middle or around the edges of paddocks, providing shelter and shade from the elements. K-Line, with its ease of movement, fits in perfectly in this environment and makes it possible for paddocks to be rotated from grass to crops and back again.

Designed especially for the layout of a specific property, we match the application rate of water to the crop and the infiltration into the soil, which is similar to a soft rain.

One of the major benefits of K-Line is not only does it have a low running cost due to having half the usual irrigation pressure, it is also designed to avoid excessive water consumption. This means less impact on both the environment and the wallet, particularly in warmer climates where water may be a scarce commodity.

The affordability of K-Line technology is a major plus for South American farmers who operate on a smaller-scale, meaning they can enjoy the benefits of an efficient and effective irrigation sprinkler system at a reasonable price.

This latest development is another example of the “a-maizing” adaptability of K-Line to irrigate diverse terrains and landscapes the world over!

The following video demonstrates K-Line maize irrigation being moved, using Karousels.