How Much Water does a Household Use?

Household water consumption can vary dramatically depending on how many people are living in the property, what appliances you own and how often you use them.

The table below gives you a guide for how much each activity or appliance will consume in a single use.

Note the difference in consumption between a front loading washing machine (30 – 50 litres) vs a top loading machine (200 litres or more).

Dripping taps are also an easy place to save on wasted water – replace washers as required and save 380 litres a month per tap.

A full bath uses more than double the amount of water used in a 5 minute shower, and using half flushes of your toilet will also save significant amounts.

Collecting rainwater from your rooftop is a great way to ensure you have a supply in case of emergency or when garden watering restrictions are in place during drought seasons.

RX’s range of Metro Tanks are designed for exactly this purpose, and can be easily installed by a plumber or handyperson.