Different uses for K-line Irrigation

Our K-Line irrigation technology is the perfect irrigation system for farmlets, pastures, sports fields and parks.

K-Line is also useful for controlling dust. Our K-Line pods have recently been seen on the site of a major roading redevelopment on the outskirts of Christchurch helping to keep dust levels down.

As part of the Roads of National Significance initiative, the planned Western Corridor through the suburb of Belfast in Christchurch is currently being developed. This initiative is an attempt to reduce travel time and traffic levels and improve the reliability of public transport in the area, particularly on Johns Road and Main North Road, two key arterial routes. Here’s a picture of K-Line keeping dust to a minimum on Johns Road in Christchurch:

K-Line pods have also been spied on Sparks Road in Halswell on the outskirts of Christchurch. For this development K-Line is being utilised to irrigate the land and help establish grass landscaped areas on this previously vacant space. As K-Line can be adjusted to meet your particular needs, you can set the application rate to a low pressure meaning that the water being applied doesn’t cause erosion or “wash” the land. This aids plant growth and the emergence of grass.

And last but not least – on those intensely hot summer days K-Line is a fun alternative to the traditional sprinkler run to cool down the kids. K-Line gauntlet or obstacle course anyone?