How to Collect Rainwater for Home Use

In the peak of summer when water restrictions come into place and the garden takes a dramatic turn for the worse, having your own water supply is a definite bonus.

And if you have ever had the misfortune to be in a location affected by any kind of natural disaster that disrupts your water supply, once again, having your own tanks of usable water is a godsend.

Gathering and storing rainwater may seem like a daunting task, but having the right set up and the right tanks for your requirements makes the whole process a lot easier.

RX Plastics has a range of Metro Tanks which have been designed precisely for this purpose, for homes in an urban setting.

You can choose between single, double or triple configurations, which means you can easily have up to 5,010 litres of storage capacity. (Your household may use anywhere from 1,000 litres to 2,000 litres of water per day under normal conditions, depending on how many people are in your family and which appliances you own.)

Your installation can be carried out by a plumber or a roofing contractor, who will install a rainwater harvesting kit and a pump that can supply rainwater to your home or garden irrigation system.

RX Metro Tanks are manufactured from high quality food grade virgin polyethylene, UV stabilised to protect it from breaking down in sunlight.

The tanks come in a range of colours and we offer a 10 year warranty.

For more detailed information about the options and installation, view our product brochure.