Choosing the right septic system for your property

RX Plastics has created a solution which both deals with your domestic waste water and sewage and means you can contribute in a positive way to conservation of your environment.

Fact: domestically, approximately 1.5 billion litres of waste water is discharged into the New Zealand environment daily.

RX Plastics’ lightweight and effective AirTech 9000 septic systems transform all your household waste into clear, odourless fluid suitable for irrigating landscapes, shelter belts, and planted areas. Designed to process all your all domestic sewage and wastewater on-site, the AirTech system means you can reuse and recycle your wastewater, putting it back into the environment in a sustainable way.

The AirTech system minimises the negative effects discharging sewage and wastewater have on the environment – rather than discharging treated water and its nutrient load into oceans and rivers, you can use the water and nutrient to irrigate your own land.

By treating and processing all your household sewage and wastewater on your own property and turning it into clear, nutrient-rich water for irrigation, there is little or no impact on the environment. Another benefit of the AirTech system is the low running costs.

By choosing an AirTech 9000 system, you can be confident you’re purchasing a quality product. RX Plastics go through a stringent development and trial process before their products are released onto the market, meaning RX Plastics products perform to exceptionally high standards.

The AirTech 9000 system is a result of our commitment to producing the best quality and most effective wastewater system for domestic purposes. Along with a 15 year extended warranty, an installer will go through a thorough site evaluation on your property, determining the best location for the system and liaising with the digger operator to ensure hazards are identified and that the site is clearly marked out and the hole is at the right depth.

As well as installing a self-monitoring component which allows you to monitor the functioning of the system, you will be contacted every six months to arrange a suitable time to service the system.

By choosing the right sewage system, not only will you be ensuring you have water for irrigation at a low cost, you will be contributing in a sustainable way to helping to protect the environment.