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Food Grade Plastic Wine Tanks: an Alternative to Steel

For years winemakers have looked to stainless steel or concrete tanks for storing wines, but the industry has started demanding a more flexible cost-effective alternative.

RX Plastics has always prided itself on coming up with innovative new products and our new range of polyethylene Wine Tanks has been created to meet this demand.

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Gravity-fed water systems

Our water comes from a stream flowing through our property. It’s piped to two tanks — a 1,000 litre break tank and a combined break/header tank — and then gravity-fed to our livestock troughs and our house.

The great advantage of a gravity-fed supply is that you’re not reliant on a pump. If you live in a region that often suffers severe weather and the attendant risk of power cuts, not being dependent on a pump is a very good thing.

Gravity-fed system - break tanks

The main disadvantage of our gravity-fed system is the potential vulnerability of the source to drought, logging activities and earthquake damage, but none of these have happened so far and the stream has served us well.

If you’re thinking of installing a gravity-fed system from a dam or a stream, here’s what you should take into account: Continue reading

K-Line Irrigation Fits the Bill for US Conservation Project

Q: What do RX Plastics and elks have in common?

A: K-Line irrigation technology!

The National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of 548 National Wildlife Refuges dotted across the United States, a system of land set aside to preserve the wildlife, fish and plants of America.

Our revolutionary K-line technology has been chosen to irrigate the Refuge and we are delighted to be part of this exciting conservation project! Continue reading