Be smart with a Smart Water system

At RX we are now distributing wireless pump water controller and tank water level indicator systems created and produced by Auckland company Smart Water. The perfect accompaniment to our Max Tanks, smart is definitely the appropriate name for these systems – this highly advanced water management technology provides the ultimate solution for monitoring and managing your tank water.

Saving you time, money and energy, the ease and simplicity with which the Smart Level systems operate is remarkable. Requiring zero maintenance, you can easily check your tank levels by viewing the small LCD available in desk and wall mount versions. The solar-powered wireless tank sensor is attached to your tank and monitors the water level. By allowing you to check your water levels without even leaving your house, these systems conveniently eliminate the hassle previously associated with monitoring your water supply. As well as showing basic water level information, other handy features the systems offer include informing you when it’s “Time to Empty”, multiple tank monitoring (up to 9 tanks at a time), alerting of abnormal usage (that could mean potential system leaks) and low water level alerts. The systems also inform you when usage is too high and you are at risk of running out of water. You are able to see how much water you’ve collected overnight, as well as be notified in plenty of time when it’s time to order more water. By preserving your current water supply, this in turn may reduce the number of times you need to purchase water.

The wireless pump controller systems provide full wireless connectivity to your pump. Ease of use features include the “set and forget” function, meaning that when your water level reaches low levels you can nominate a set low level and the pump will turn on, and turn off once the tank is filled.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, a Smart Water system is the perfect solution for detecting water levels on the tank at your bach or holiday home. With early notification, you will be able to enjoy your holiday free from the stress of running out of your water supply.