Managing excess ground water with Drainaway™

Ponding and surface waterIt’s been a long summer in most of New Zealand, but as winter starts to approach and rainfall increases, it’s time to think about drainage and how to manage excess surface water.

Why drainage is important

Standing water and saturated land do nothing for productivity – wetter soils mean cooler ground temperatures, which can seriously affect growth of pasture and crops.

Properly drained ground ensures that the sun will be able to warm the soil quicker (as there’s less water in the soil to heat) which in turn leads to longer growing seasons.

Less water in the soil also allows better aeration, healthier roots and more stable ground for the grass or crops to grow in.

RX Plastics Drainaway™

For years RX Plastics has been supplying Drainaway, a perforated sub-surface drainage solution, to New Zealand farmers with great success.

Our quest for continual improvement has seen the development of the product, and now a new and improved version of Drainaway™ is available.

Recent production line improvements mean that the corrugations of the pipeline can have more material applied to them in a more even manner, ensuring a denser, more robust construction.

This in turn makes the product heavier and stiffer, perfect for in-ground application where maximum durability is required.

What’s New?

The most noticeable difference in the new Drainaway™ is that the new construction means that the corrugations are further apart.

Each of the corrugations is heavier, meaning the product holds its shape more effectively and thus is easier to position correctly in-ground.

Rather than punching holes in the Drainaway™, the new version now has cut slots. These allow for a greater drainage area across the length of the pipe.

Easy Installation

Being a flexible, relatively lightweight product, Drainaway™ is easy to install through trenching the problem area to a depth of 300-400mm. A fall from 1:100 to 1:300 should be enough to allow water to move through the pipe to the desired location. Like most underground piping, soil conditions determine the method of installation.

In heavier soils such as clay, some aggregate material around the pipe will allow liquid to enter into the pipe whilst preventing soil from doing so. In most situations 13mm gravel is sufficient.

Alternatively for those with finer soils, we also offer a filter sock to prevent silt and sand from entering the pipeline.

Sizes to suit your needs

Drainaway™ comes in a variety of sizes to meet most applications, from 65mm bore through to 160mm bore. Coil lengths of up to 100mm and a comprehensive range of junctions and couplings ensure that whatever the size of your application, we have the right solution.

To find out more about Drainaway, check out the products section on the RX Plastics website.