Monthly Archives: May 2014

Growing Saffron as a Crop on a Lifestyle Block

Of all the projects, animals and sustainable philosophies that we’ve got going on at our farm, nothing piques people’s interest as much as our saffron growing.

There’s a mystique about the world’s most expensive spice, even if it is just a collection of dried stigmas from a little autumn-flowering crocus.

Everything about saffron seems exotic – its history, vibrant colour, honey-like aroma and distinctive taste. Continue reading

How to Buy a Water Tank for a Lifestyle Block

When we moved onto our block in 2011, we weren’t too worried about water security.

Our supply was stream-fed, so we figured we were less vulnerable than our rainwater-dependent neighbours.

stream irrigation

Then someone pointed out that streams sometimes dry up. Their courses can alter after earthquakes.

And hey, didn’t we have a eucalyptus woodlot right next door to a neighbour’s Douglas fir plantation? Continue reading