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Custom-built for G-Set, the Baccara control solution ensures optimal use of pump resources through a high-accuracy clock that maintains long-term synchronicity between devices.

The system operates on a simple basis of up to two separate durations per day, every day, minimising programming and set up time. Ultimate control is afforded by being able to turn the pump on or off depending on weather conditions.

The Baccara solution is particularly suited to properties with smaller G-Set installations. For example, when they are used as pivot corner irrigation and numbers of G-Sets are small (e.g. 70 or less).


The Water-Insights system provides a low cost controller (IPC) at each G-Set Pod. The IPC is self-contained, powered from an on-board Lithium battery, with an integral solar cell.

All of the IPCs can, should you require, communicate via a 900Mhz mesh radio network, allowing watering schedules to be centrally managed.

Water-Insights is ideally suited to larger installations of G-Set on a variety of terrains. Water-Insights installations can typically range from 1 - 3000+ G-Set units.

Why G-Set?

G-Set installation can be varied to suit the requirements of individual properties. 

Watering frequency can be adjusted to suit moisture levels and climatic conditions.

Application depth can be optimised for geographic and environmental factors.


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