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Perfect for awkward-shaped ground and steep hills, RXP’s G-Set is a smarter alternative to post-mounted solid-set irrigation systems.

G-Set not only operates successfully in environments where terrain or field shape creates challenges for traditional irrigators, but it also works well in conjunction with existing pivot irrigation installations.

Control of the G-Set system is achieved by a choice of two solar-charged battery solutions. The first, Baccara, is fully-independent in operation, and the second, Water-Insight, may be updated from a distance through a wireless mesh network.

  • Increased land productivity and value
  • Reduced fence and shelter-belt impact
  • Low ongoing labour costs
  • Minimal water loss to atmosphere
  • Enhanced control for seasonal variability
  • Improved soil nutrient retention
  • Excellent system flexibility and scalability
  • Fully-customisable installation process

Why G-Set?

G-Set installation can be varied to suit the requirements of individual properties. 

Watering frequency can be adjusted to suit moisture levels and climatic conditions.

Application depth can be optimised for geographic and environmental factors.


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