RXP’s Drainaway eliminates wet and muddy patches around farms, orchards, homes, parks, roads and excavation sites.

By lowering the water table, Drainaway enables:

  • Optimal seasonal growth (less water in the ground means the sun heats the soil quicker)
  • Improved aeration and overall soil health
  • Enhanced root-growth conditions for cropping
  • Firmer transportation terrain and reduced chance of vehicle bogging

RXP Freeway Drain - the black pipe with the red stripe.

RX Plastics manufactures Freeway Drain as a heavy duty Drainaway suitable for road drainage.

Manufactured from high-density polythene with perforated walls, Freeway Drain provides higher crush resistance with less flexibility. It also has thicker walls than regular Drainaway to comply with the requirements for drain pipes in New Zealand.

As this pipe complies with Transit F/2 it is clearly marked with a visible continuous red stripe.

Freeway Drain should always be installed in accordance with Transit New Zealand specifications Transit F/2.

RXP Drainaway Filter Sock

  • Provides a filter for coarse silt/fine sandy particles which can enter an unprotected subsoil drain
  • Creates a continuous surface of equal porosity around the exterior of a subsoil drain
  • Permits free flow of water into the RXP Drainaway™ corrugations
  • Extends the service life of perforated drain systems by filtering out silt and sand

  • Strong seamless sleeve with high tear strength
  • Constructed to prevent unravelling and to discourage laddering
  • Quick and easy to apply with a preloaded disposable applicator
  • Available in roll form or preinstalled on RXP Drainaway™

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