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How to Collect Rainwater for Home Use

In the peak of summer when water restrictions come into place and the garden takes a dramatic turn for the worse, having your own water supply is a definite bonus.

And if you have ever had the misfortune to be in a location affected by any kind of natural disaster that disrupts your water supply, once again, having your own tanks of usable water is a godsend.

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Come down and see us at Field Days!

National Field Days give farmers and those in the rural sector the opportunity to see the latest and most exciting advances in agricultural technology and innovation in New Zealand.

This year RX Plastics will be attending two Field Days, the Central Districts Field Days event in Feilding from 7-9 March and South Island Agricultural Field Days at Lincoln University Farm from 20-23 March. We’ll be found at Stall F18-21 in Feilding and Stalls 520-521 at Lincoln. Continue reading

Be smart with a Smart Water system

At RX we are now distributing wireless pump water controller and tank water level indicator systems created and produced by Auckland company Smart Water. The perfect accompaniment to our Max Tanks, smart is definitely the appropriate name for these systems – this highly advanced water management technology provides the ultimate solution for monitoring and managing your tank water.

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The K-Line Craze – Irrigating Maize

Since it was first developed in the 1990s, K-Line has come a long way. Designed originally for mainly dairy pasture irrigation, we’ve continued our development process to perfect it to work effectively in all types of terrain and with different crop varieties.

Our most recent K-Line innovation has evolved thanks to our relationship with Chilean agricultural cooperative Cooprinsem. We have been working to modify our system to better suit South American farming conditions and the result is something we’re very proud of! Continue reading