Water Tanks 500L - 7500L

RX Water Tanks are approved and compliant to the Standard -AS/NZS 4766:2006 - ApprovalMark International Ltd.
RX Water Tanks meet the highest design and manufacturing standards and our tanks are tested and fully guaranteed.


Lid for 500 Litre and 1100 Litre tanks has middle placement


CodeLitresGallonsWeightDimensions mm
RX500LB or RX500LMG 500 110 19kg 840mm diameter x 1257mm high
RX1100LB or RX1100LMG 1100 242 33kg 1200mm diameter x 1377mm high


Lid for 2000 - 7500 litre tanks has outside edge placement


RX2000LB or RX2000LMG 2000 440 50kg 1500mm diameter x 1485mm high
RX3200LB or RX3200LMG 3200 705 80kg 1850mm diameter x 1558mm high
RX5250LB or RX5250LMG 5250 1154 115kg 2150mm diameter x 1866mm high
RX7500LB or RX7500LMG 7500 1650 150kg 2500mm diameter x 1915mm high


Tanks are available in standard colours of Black (B), Mist Green (MG), Beige (BE) or Heritage Green (HG). Other colours are available on request