Smart Water Management System

The Smart Water Wireless Tank Level system is a complete solution for the monitoring and management of tank water.  Smart Water will actually learn your water usage and alert you if there is a leak! Wireless pump control, filter timer, trend monitoring, low level alerts and multiple tank monitoring is provided as standard with the basic system.
The system includes a full coloured LCD touchscreen, solar powered wireless tank sensor and everything you need for easy installation.


  • Fully wireless tank leve and water managment system
  • Full colour high resolution 2.8" LCD touchscreen
  • Wall or desk mount options available
  • Abnormal usage (leak) and low tnak level "alert" functions
  • Solar powered tank unit means virtually zero maintenance
  • Up to 9 tanks can be monitored by a single LCD unit
  • Long range and ultra long range options available
  • Easy installation



rxst 1tkd rxst 1tkw
 RXST-1TKD - 1 Tank Starter Pack Desk Mount  RXST-1TKW - 1 Tank Starter Pack Wall Mount
rxst 2tkd rxst 2tkw
 RXST-2TKD - 2 Tank Starter Pack Desk Mount  RXST-2TKW - 2 Tank Starter Pack Wall Mount
rxst pump wcu rxst tank kit4
RXST-PUMP WCU - Wireless Pump Controller RXST-2TKW -Tank Unit Kit (includes 4M cable sensor)
rxst alr rxst ta
RXST-ALR - Yagi Antenna for Long Range RXST-TA - Antenna for Tank Unit Kit
rxst wa
RXST-WA - Antenna for Wall Mount Unit