Small Tubes

  • May be installed above ground or below ground
  • Applies water directly to the root zone to reduce overspray and evaporation
  • Prevent overspray onto windows, walls and fences
  • Increase watering uniformity
  • Promotes healthier plant growth


pt 9 13 potd pvc4 7
PT9/13.100 - Sprinkler Tube (2mm wall)
9mm ID x 100 metres
POTD3MM.050 - Pot Dripper (1mm wall)
3mm ID x 50 metres
PVC - Sprinkler Tube PVC (1.5mm wall)
PVC4/7.050, PVC4/7.200B, PVC4/7.600B, PVC4/7.600NC, PVC7/10.050