RX Filter Sock

(North Island Product Only)

Extends the service life of perforated drain systems by filtering out silt and sand. Quick and easy to apply with a preloaded disposable applicator. Constructed from a strong and seamless synthetic fabric. Meets RTA specification standard 3553 (RTA NSW QA specification 3553 for seamless tubular filter fabric). Available in roll form or preinstalled on RX DrainawayTM/Freeway Drain

  • Strength - Strong seamless synthetic sleeve with high tear strength. Constructed with a special lock stitch to prevent unravelling and to discourage laddering.
  • Lifespan - After installing the RX Filter Sock has a life span equal to plastic drainage systems. The product does gradually deteriorate in strength if exposed to direct sunlight and should be packaged or covered if exposure is more than 3 months.
  • Lightweight- knitted from light weight multifilament synthetic fibre and adds only minimal weight increase to plastic drainage systems.



filter_sock filter_sock2
110mm 160mm

RX Filter Sock is available in 15m, 30m, 50m and 100m lengths.

Benefits of the RX Filter Sock

  • To provide a filter for coarse silt/fine sandy particles which can enter an unprotected subsoil drain.
  • Creates a continuous surface of equal porosity around the exterior of a subsoil drain.
  • Permits free flow of water into the subsoil drain corrugations
  • Acts as a soil stabiliaser to help support and maintain the surrounding soil and reduce the break down of that soil structure.


  • In the problem area, dig a trench two times the pipe outside diameter, 300 to 400mm deep. With a minimum fall of one in one hundred (1:100).
  • 13mm screening gravel should be placed on the bottom of the trench 80mm deep, then lay the drainaway in place.
  • 13mm screening gravel should then be placed over the drainaway to a depth of 100mm.Replace soil.Do not use clay as backfill!