Pressure Gauges

WIKA pressure gauges are designed for long and reliable service under rugged conditions.  Some typical applications are for pumps , hydraulic and pneumatic systems, compressors, as a contractors’s gauge, and for many other applications where the measured media does not corrode brass.

WIKA standard pressure gauges feature a black ABS case (steel cases are available as an option) and a coiled safety Bourdon tube for 800 psi and higher.   The low friction Swiss movement assures a long, reliable service  life.

Available in ranges up to 15,000 psi, WIKA pressure gauges offer heavy duty service in industrial environments.  They feature a stainless steel case and a coiled safety Bourdon tube for 1500 psi and higher.  The industrial grade Swiss movement assures repeatable accuracy and long service life.


wrxpg wrxpgre
RXPG Bottom Entry Pressure Gauge -
Stainless steel case, Glycerine filled,
Brass element movement
0-600Kpa/87 psi,
0-1000Kpa/145 psi,
0-1600Kpa/230 psi,
0-2500Kpa/350 psi,
0-6000Kpa/800 psi
RXPG-RE Rear Entry Pressure Gauge -
1/4" BSPT Bottom Entry.  Stainless steel case,
Glycerine filled, Brass  element and movement.
0-600Kpa/87 psi,
0-1600Kpa/230 psi,
0-2500Kpa/350 psi,