MAX™ Tanks 15,000 - 30,000L

RX Plastics MAX™ Tanks are approved and compliant to the Standard - AS/NZS 4766:2006 - ApprovalMark International Ltd
RX MAX™ Tanks meet the highest design and manufacturing standards and our tanks are tested and fully guaranteed.

All RX MAX™ tanks are UV stabilised and come with a 400mm (15,000 litre) and 600mm manhole (26,000 and 30,000 litre) for easy access. For water use 1 SG only (1m3 = 1000kgs water). For potable water storage between 1 - 23 degrees.

RX South Island MAX Tank brochure
Tank Warranty (January 2014)


  • UV stabilised
  • Quick inspection via large 400mm (15,000 Litre) diameter lid
  • Quick inspection via large 600mm (26,000, 30,000 Litre) diameter lid
  • All tanks are supplied with a clip on lid
  • One piece construction for strong robust tanks
  • Easy to transport with built in lifting lugs - 6 lugs (15,000, 26,000 and 30,000)
  • Two pre drilled bsp threaded outlets
  • Supplied with 1 x 50mm hex nipple and 1 x 50mm bung
  • Supplied with clip on lid
  • FREE delivery to site, where site is accessible.+
  • MAX™ Tank Site Preparation and Installation Instructions


Lid for 15,000 - 30,000 litre tanks have outside edge placement


RX15000LB or RX15000LMG 15000 3300 3000mm diameter x 2520mm high
RX26000LB or RX26000LMG 26000 5700 3550mm diameter x 3000mm high
RX30000LB or RX30000LMG 30000 7250 3950mm diameter x 3000mm high


Site Preparation
Select an easily accessible site that is flat, level and free of sharp objects. A firm foundation is required.

Delivery of your 'MAX™' tank to your site is FREE, but please ensure we have clear access to your site, there is adequate clearance through gateways and under trees, and there is enough room and sufficient turning circle for our 20m long vehicle.Your assistance is required by providing TWO extra people to aid in the delivery of your 'MAX™' tank.
In the event the site is not accessible, your 'MAX™' tank will be unloaded at the closest convenient location.