K-Line Max70 Effluent

Why use K-LineTM Max70 Effluent?

  • Low rate of application
  • No leaching or run-off
  • No ponding
  • Cost effective
  • 3 pods to replace a travelling irrigator
  • Large nozzle to eliminate blockages
  • Easily separated by camlocks and shifted individually
  • Low maintenance
  • Meets all Regional Council requirements

For more information about K-Line™ Max70 Effluent, view our brochure.


Senninger 7025 S Sprinkler

  • The 70 series full-circle sprinklers distribute effluent over a large diameter, for higher volume systems
  • Senninger sprinklers can achieve application rates down to as low as 2mm per hour. This reduces the risk of ponding and run-off and other forms of preferential flow. The soil has time to filter nutrients and bacteria
  • Outlasts and costs less that brass or aluminium sprinklers
  • Built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering-grade thermoplastics and top quality stainless steel components
  • Built-in hex wrench for easy in-the-field maintenance standard lower bearing pipe thread: 1" male thread
  • 25o angle for maximum distance of throw
  • Single nozzle design minimises clogging


  1. RX PP Riser - for 800mm x 50mm thread, both ends
  2. CAM51A - Male
  3. Plassim - 63mm x 25mm with insert top
  4. CAM51D - Female
  5. 3 x u-bolts, 6 x nuts, 6 x washers, 4 x spacers
  6. 2 x Plassim Saddle - 63mm saddle
  7. 7025 S Senninger = 5.56 - 9.53mm nozzle specifically for effluent applications
  8. 1 x RXHS 25 - 25mm RX hex socket and 1 x RXPPR 25 - 25mm RX poly riser

klm70_graphSprinkler Operation

  • Special Senninger 7025 sprinklers have a range of nozzles down to 5.56m in size. However the selection of these are only required when the application rate required is very low.
  • Complete flow rates: 1.84 - 7.27 m3/hr

System Components

  • The K-LineTM Max70 pod comes complete with 51mm female and male camlocks
  • K-LineTM provides a 63mm K-PipeTM x 40 metres that is M&F (male and female) camlocked (51mm connectors)
  • With this combination it means that the lines can be connected in any order to the pods
  • To ease shifting K-LineTM also provides male adaptors and end tow units, both 51mm camlocked

Spacing and Pipe System

  • Special 63mm K-PipeTM tubing complete with M&F (male and female) camlocks come pre-fabricated so as to be able to instantly connect your new K-LineTM Max70 effluent pods
  • The speical K-PipeTM is designed to be flexible but highly resilient to the shifting process