K-Line Farm Pack

5 Pod/1 Hectare kit - DIY Irrigation

  • DIY Irrigation
  • Perfect Irrigation system for:- Farmlets, Sports fields, Pastures, Parks, Dust Control
  • Durable, built to withstand UV light, freezing temperatures and vehicle and animal traffic
  • Economical, cost effectived both in start-up cost and operating cost
  • Multi-terrain, performs on flat and hilly terrain with virtually no water run-off
  • Expandable, the system is designed to expand as needs grow
  • Adaptable, from application rates to field shapes, K-Line can be adjusted to meet your needs
K-Line Farm Pack Brochure
K-Line Farm Pack Installation Manual



KLSS32FARMPACK - 32mm K-Line Naan Farm Pack Complete
includes 5 K-Line pods, 1 coil of K.PIPE32.100, and components to complete installation.