• Made from High Density Polythene
    • Corrugated for high crush resistance
    • Flexible
    • Drainage holes spaced around the pipe
    • Available as :- slotted/unslotted - North Island punched/unpunched - South Island
    • Easy identification:-
      • Punched/slotted comes with black coupler
      • Unpunched/unslotted comes with green coupler

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  South IslandNorth Island
65mm 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m & 150m coils Punched or Unpunched Slotted or Unslotted
110mm 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m coils Punched or Unpunched Slotted or Unslotted
160mm 15m and 45m coils Punched or Unpunched Slotted or Unslotted


Eliminate wet and muddy patches around your farms, orchards, homes, parks, sports gounds, roads and excavation sites

By lowering the water table the soil will:-

  • Warm earlier in the growing season to ensure best seasonal growth. (less water in the soil to heat - the sun will heat the soil more quickly).
  • Be better aerated due to less soil pores being filled with water. Therefore generating better soil health.
  • Provide better root growing conditions and therefore better crop growth.
  • Provide firmer transportation conditions and be less bog prone.

Installation of Drainaway™

  1. In the problem area, dig a trench two times the pipe outside diameter, 300 to 400mm deep. With a minimum fall of one in one hundred (1:100).
  2. 13mm screening gravel should be placed on the bottom of the trench 80mm deep, then lay the drainaway in place.
  3. 13mm screening gravel should then be placed over the drainaway to a depth of 100mm.Replace soil. Do not use clay as backfill!
install1 install2


To Join Drainaway™

All Drainway and Freeway Drain coils come complete with a connector.

For the best connection simply use an RX Manufactured Drainaway Coupling or Y Junction made from HDPE Black Polyethylene or a PVC drainaway connector or Y Junction. All coils come with a drainaway connector.

rxda da110y rxda y rxda160 110 da160x110

RXDA - HDPE Coupling
65mm, 110mm, 160mm

RXDA Y - PVC 'Y' Junction (45)

RXDA Y - HDPE 'Y' Junction (45)
110mm, 160mm

RXDA Y - HDPE Reducing 'Y' Junction (45)
160mm x 110mm (160mm mainway)

RXDA Y - HDPE Reducing 'Y' Junction (45)
110mm x 65mm (110mm mainway)

Freeway Drain

RX Plastics manufactures a heavy duty drainaway suitable for road drainage known as Freeway Drain. As this pipe complies with Transit F/2 it is clearly marked with a visible continuous red line. Freeway Drain should be installed in accordance with Transit New Zealand specifications TNZ F/2.

CodeNominal BoreCoil Size
DAFW65.030 65mm 30m
DAFW65.100 65mm 100m
DAFW110.030 110mm 30m
DAFW110.100 110mm 100m
DAFW160.015 160mm 15m
DAFW160.045 160mm 45m