AirTech™ (AWTS)

Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)

The AirTech™  system is an efficient, lightweight sewage treatment plant that safely and effectively processes your disposable* household sewage and wastewater. The unit recycles it as clear, odourless, nutrient enriched water to irrigate landscape, shelterbelt, copppice wood lots or existing planted areas. For the environmentally minded this means that the sewage and wastewater is treated on the property where it is produced and then recycled for reuse with little environmental impact on the land.

Environment Concerns

Discharge of sewage and wastewater to our environment has a serious impact on soil structures and water aquifers.With local and regional authorities requiring you, a rural resident with no sewage reticulation, to manage, treat and dispose of your own sewage and wastewater within the boundaries of your property, this issue may become a serious concern for you and the management of your property. To meet the range of effluent quality standards that may vary between authorities you need a septic tank or sewage treatment tank designed to minimise these adverse effects.

The AirTech™  Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) is an innovative sewage treatment system specifically designed to maximise the treatment of all household sewage and wastewater. Before we bring any product to the market, we throughly explore and test all aspects of the design and function to ensure that by the time it reaches you, we know it will perform to our usual exacting standards.The AirTech™  system's innovative design is the result of over 4 years commitment to developing the best sewage and wastewater treatment system available today. Our goal was to make a simple, lightweight, polyethylene system and at the same time avoid the failings of existing plastic tank systems that have been tried with varying degrees of success in the past.

Designed recognising the latest industry standards and incorporating many innovative features we believe the AirTech™  is unequalled by any existing polyethylene tank system available today.

Models available
AirTech™ 9000 (2000 litres/day) - ideal for houses of up to 8 bedrooms
AirTech™ 7000 (1600 litres/day) - ideal for houses and baches of up to 4 bedrooms

Downloadable Information

Installers/Service Agents - North Island
Installers/Service Agents - South Island 
AirTech™ Homeowners Manual 2015
AirTech™ Homeowners Manual 2014
AirTech™ Homeowners Manual 2012
AirTech™ Homeowners Manual 2009
Cleaning your outlet filter
Bay of Plenty Report - AirTech™ 9000 unit
Bay of Plenty Report - AirTech™ 9000 NR unit
OSET Trial Certificate Airtech™ 9000 - Feb 2015
OSET Trial Report Airtech™ 9000 - Feb 2015
OSET Trial Certificate AirTech™ 7000 - Sept 2011
OSET Trial Report  AirTech™ 7000 - Sept 2011

* NB: Not all household waste streams should go to the AirTech™. Please refer to page 6 of the Home Owners Manual for guidelines. 


AT9000 as example -

 Below is an example of the operation of the AirTech™9000 however the principles apply AirTech™7000 & AirTech™9000NR(although this one has one more chamber)-

sewage treatment tank Primary Septic Chamber (3300L)
This is the main chamber where all household sewage and wastewater is discharged and the settling out of up to 95% of solid waste occurs.There is also a reduction in the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) of up to 40%.
The primary chamber has a large liquid working capacity of 3300 litres ensuring maximum retention time allowing adequate anaerobic digestion of the accumulated solid waste.The primary chamber is a sealed chamber making sure there is no crossflow contamination between the separate treatment processes with the system.
The outlet is fitted with an industry proven 3mm biofilter minimising sold waste carry-over integrating a flow modulation baffle to manage peak flow levels limiting shock loading of the system.

sewage treatment tanks Aeration Chamber (1500L)
The partially treated wastewater flows into the Aeration Chamber where aggressive digesting aerobic bacteria further reduce the suspended solid sludge.Efficient oxygen transfer through fine air diffusion maintains high aerobic activity and population.Increased surface area through additional submerged media enhances and accommodates a greater growth of bacteria.

sewage tank Clarification Chamber (1200L)
Wastewater effluent is gravity fed into the Clarification Chamber where, in quiescent conditions, any remaining sludge and suspended material settle and are returned to the Primary Chamber through a venturi airlift manifold.This continual flow of enhanced activated sludge ensures a healthy treatment plant in periods of low or zero flow to the system.

sewage tanks Irrigation Pump Chamber (1000L)
The gravity flow of clean, clear odourless effluent into the Irrigation Pump Chamber is nutrient enriched and is recycled through a designed irrigation system to enhance landscape, shelter belt or coppice tree woodlots on your property.This chamber is protected with an independent alarm that will activate in the unlikely event of a pump failure, and also has a capacity to store effluent.

 retrofit airtech Controller box & faceplate 
Controller Alarm System
The AirTech™  Aerated Wastewater Treatment System aslo has an electronic alarm. This state-of-the-art unit is wireless and operates 24 hours a day and in the unlikely event of a system fault will alert the home owner with an audio & visual alarm.


Equipment and Components

blower_2008 diffuser biological_media irrigation_hose
Air Blower Proflex Disc Diffuser Biological Treatment Media Irrigation Lateral
submersible_irrigation_pump jimten filter rxst_biofilter_cut
Submersible Irrigation Pump Discharge Disc Filter Bioceptor Filter

The unique patented system is rotationally moulded and maintains excellent sewage treatment. The modular sewage tank system offers many options and can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks to increase sewage treatment capacity and improve effluent quality.

Tank Construction - Strongest Grade Polyethylene
Tank Production - Rotational Moulding


  • Primary Septic Chamber
  • Aeration Chamber
  • Clarification Settling Chamber
  • Pump Chamber 1000 litres
  • Additional Storage Capacity
  • 3mm Bio Filter fitted
  • Integrated Flow Modulation Baffle
  • Alarm System
  • High Water Alarm
  • Low Air Pressure Air Alarm



Irrigation Pump 0.6kW
Air Blower 51 watts

The AirTech™  Aerated Wastewater Treatment System will provide you with many years of rewarding and reliable performance supported and serviced by our network of fully trained and certified installation and service technicians. Our friendly expert technicians have extensive product and system knowledge and are able to provide you excellent support should you require it with any part of your sewage treatment tank or wastewater system.

Compliance and Certification

The RX Septic Tank Range meets the objectives of:

  • Australia and New Zealand joint standard 1546 1
  • Australia and New Zealand joint standard 1547
  • ARC Environment TP 58
  • Design and Testing verified by registered engineers and consultants
  • Process analysis undertaken at Lincoln University.
  • Member On-site Wastewater Special Interest Group (OWS-SIG)
  • Local Authority Approved
  • Meets World Health Organisation (WHO) effluent quality standards
  • Tested and passed Environment Bay of Plenty Testing

For more information about our AirTech™  Aerated Wastewater Treatment System fill out our web enquiry form and we will endeavour to assist or we will forward your enquiry to the nearest suitable installer.