Effluent K-Line

Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) -K-Line for dairy effluent. Our low pressure, slow absorbing K-Line effluent irrigation systems are ideal for farm waste disposal and effluent distribution.

What is K-Line™?

  • K-LineTM is a flexible hose line sprinkler system originally designed for irrigation. However, the low application rate makes the K-LineTM system well suited to effluent distribution. At the heart of the system is a series of tough plastic pods protecting a sprinkler, firmly attached to special K-Line low density polyethylene pipe
  • K-LineTM provides an excellent method of liquid disposal options from the many and varied sources
  • K-LineTM systems are all designed to operate at low pressure
  • K-LineTM provide a number of product choices which gives you maximum flexibility in a customised effluent treatment and disposal system for your farm
  • K-LineTM will suit any paddock, shape size or terrain
  • K-LineTM is easily moved by any quad- bike or farm vehicle
  • K-LineTM is a low application rate system

Farmer Benefits

  • Low capital cost
  • Ease of installation use and shifting
  • Tailor application to staff availability
  • Low application rate to remove the risk of ponding and run-off, allowing better filtering by the soil of bacteria for effluent treatment resulting in better compliance to regional council requirements
  • Better retention of nutrients lowers fertiliser requirements
  • Control of application with automated timers
  • During busy times (eg calving) effluent irrigation can be avoided
  • Best possible use of the nutrients in farm dairy effluent

Download K-LineTM Effluent Technical manual (3MB)

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