Effluent the focus at a wet 2014 Fieldays

Mystery Creek Fieldays 2014 was somewhat of a wet affair, thanks to the surge of winter weather that found it's way across the country for most of the week.
Despite the impact of rainy days, the RX Plastics team enjoyed the event and fielded substantial enquiries about the products highlighted at the show.

RX Plastics Continue to Innovate at 2013 Fieldays

Mystery Creek Fieldays 2013 once again has provided an opportunity for RX Plastics to demonstrate more product innovations to retailers and on-farm customers. The company continues to build its position as New Zealand’s premier fittings manufacturer and distributor with new products on display this year.

RX Plastics Launch Major Product Innovation at Fieldays
This year’s Mystery Creek Fieldays was the platform for New Zealand pipe and irrigation specialists RX Plastics to launch their biggest range of pipe fittings yet for the farm irrigation market.The result of a year’s worth of research and development time, prototyping and tooling up, the injection moulded range is glass reinforced nylon, and will firmly cement the company’s position as New Zealand’s premier fittings manufacturer and distributor.

DIY irrigation now available for lifestyle and small block farmers

The well-known K-Line irrigation pods can be seen on larger farming properties all over New Zealand, but until now have usually required a consultation with an irrigation consultant to put in place. Manufacturers RX Plastics have now released a DIY Irrigation Farm Pack that makes this affordable irrigation option more accessible to smaller scale farmers.

Revolutionary K-Line Irrigation System Offers Solution to Effluent Runoff

Effluent runoff from dairy farms is an environmental hazard.  When it rains, the nutrients in manure often flow off of fields and into nearby lakes and streams.  These nutrients feed algae, which then flourishes and chokes off other pond life.  To prevent this from happening, many governments and councils have instituted fines to punish farmers who allow runoff into the water system.

K-Line Irrigation Sprinkler Systems Ideal for Farmers

The innovative K-Line irrigation system is gaining popularity with graziers around the world.  Pasture farmers have specific needs for their irrigation pipes, including a system that is adaptable to different terrains, easy to move and disperses water without pooling or runoff.  An irrigation sprinkler system that can adapt to all of these conditions is a useful tool for any pastoral farmer.