Ensuring a Reliable Water Supply for your Property

Having a reliable supply of water for your farm, orchard or lifestyle block is critical, no matter what the season and where in New Zealand you are located.

RX Plastics has a range of water storage solutions, and manufacturing facilities in Hamilton and Ashburton make it easy to transport tanks of all sizes throughout the North and South Island. Because our rotomoulded tanks are manufactured in locations on each island, sizing varies between the North and South Island also. Please ensure you are ordering the correct size tanks based on your location within New Zealand.

In addition to manufacturing tanks, we also manufacture and distribute all the relevant fittings, pipe and accessories required to get your water supply from the tank to wherever its needed most.

That includes our fire fighting accessories - the Fire Fighting Kit and Fire/Water Reserve Kits, and the Frost Protection Kit, all designed to ensure you can access those water reserves when you need them.

Our entire process from tank design and manufacture through to the finished product is compliant to meet the highest design and manufacturing standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 - ApprovalMark International Ltd.

RX Plastics Water Storage Tanks

Our range of tanks are:

  • Compliant to the highest standard AS/NZS4766
  • Meet the highest design and manufacturing standards
  • UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene (FDA approved)
  • Resistant to algae growth
  • Lab tested to ensure each tank meets our strict guidelines
  • Made using diagnostic tooling during manufacture to ensure heating and cooling cycles are optimised
  • Made with one piece construction for strong robust tanks
  • Guaranteed that the size of our tanks in (litres) refers to actual amount of usable water storage
Max tanks North Island
RX tanks south island

Metro Tanks

Gathering rainwater and storing it for use on your garden or in the home is now easy with our Metro Tank range of slimline water storage tanks, designed for a city setting.

In situations where the normal water supply is disrupted, or watering restrictions are in place, having your own water tanks fed from rainwater off your roof guttering is invaluable.

Each tank is 1670 litres and can be used singularly or in multiples to achieve 1670, 3340 or 5010 litres in capacity - more than enough to keep your gardens watered and the water flowing in your home when required.

This family of tanks are available as a slim line Single Tank, Double Tank or a Triple Modular configuration.

Installing Metro Tanks at your property is straightforward and can be carried out by a plumber or other suitably qualified person. Please note that Metro Tanks are designed to be installed above ground on a suitable foundation.

RX plastics metro water tanks

Colour Options for Metro Tank Range

Metro Tanks come in a range of colour options, designed to compliment the exterior of your property.

metro tank colours

 Colours are indicative only. Colours may vary.