K-Line™ G-Set™

What is G-Set™ irrigation?

The idea originated from Grafton Irrigation, who came to RX Plastics with the concept of a new irrigation system that would reduce labour costs and enable precise control of irrigation levels.

From this concept RX Plastics has worked to develop the idea and commercialised a cost effective product for New Zealand farmers.

This innovative, collaborative approach resulted in the development of the K-Line G-Set, a low maintenance, variable irrigation system that has quickly received attention and acclaim both locally and abroad.

Perfect for use on awkward-shaped terrains and steep hills, the G-Set is a smarter alternative to post mounted solid set irrigation systems.

The system is capable of operating in many environments where terrain or field shape create issues for traditional irrigators and can also work in conjunction with an existing pivot irrigation install.

G-Set was designed taking into account:

  • the operating pressure of the system
  • durability in the field, and
  • protecting expensive valve, control and sprinklers from stock damage.

The need for a smart control system was also taken into account, resulting in the development of a solar charged battery control system. With that in mind, we developed both with Baccara and QTech new control systems that meet this design challenge.

The Baccara is fully independent and the QTech can be updated from a distance by the use of a sophisticated mesh network which enables updates over difficult terrain to all G-Set units.

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