Benefits For Groundsmen

K-Line irrigation systems help ensure lush green playing fields for schools, domains, and sports grounds around New Zealand, particularly through the summer months.

From cricket and athletics in summer to rugby union, rugby league, soccer and field hockey in winter, our systems ensure your sports fields are in top condition whatever the season.

The success of our products has meant that K-Line irrigation is now widely used for sports fields not only in New Zealand but at schools and college grounds across the USA.

K-Line in the Sports Fields environment has many key benefits:

  1. The irrigation line operates in a “slow absorption method”. Practically, this means that because K-Line can apply down to 2mm/hour, it can be placed and only tended to once per day.
    Alternatively with larger nozzles you can apply a larger volume then shift more regularly to get over the area quicker.
  2. Often in voluntary areas, such as domains, the staffing required to shift irrigation are able to more easily shift K-Line with a four-wheeler rather than big gun irrigators or travelling irrigators.
  3. Should the inconvenient occur and something break in K-Line, the repairs are simple with either a sprinkler being threaded in as a replacement or a new pipe joiner.
    Any of these actions are simple and easily achieved, with many rural or irrigation supply companies carrying stocks of these additional items
  4. The K-Line shifting schedule is a simple, easy to understand process as you can see in the diagram below.
  5. Often in sports fields the lines are moved manually from position to position. K-Line has the benefit of lines being lightweight and the ability for the shift to be done incrementally e.g. Drag the end pod across, then the next, and so on until the whole line is now in the new set position.
  6. The K-Line sprinkler and design selections offer users a choice to opt for pressure regulators or not. The benefit of a pressure regulator is that it enables the person shifting the system to not have to be concerned with the operating pressure of the line, with the sprinklers and line itself protected by the pressure regulators.
  7. Parts availability – With K-Line systems being used significantly in the rural community, most merchants or supply companies will be both familiar with K-Line and often have the parts on hand should anything unexpected occur in the operation. An important benefit if something inconvenient occurs and you require a quick solution. 
  8. The operating pressure of K-Line is modest with some systems needing only 30psi (2.1bar) to operate. This means that K-Line is a practical option in almost all sports fields installations.

For more information about K-Line for Landscape, view our brochure.

Sports-field2Photo – Springston Rugby Football Club & Weedons Cricket Club on the Springston Domain grounds.

Currently the fields are set up for cricket, but as with many domains in New Zealand they are multiuse with the grounds used for rugby in winter.

 Example of a K-Line Shifting Schedule - 8 Day Return

K-Line Basic Shift Cycle

K-Line Landscape Components:

K-Line's system for landscape irrigation comes in three sizes: Std, Mid and Max, each suited to different types of landscape and terrain.

rx for landscape

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