K-Line Orchard

The K-Line™ irrigation range now has options for Orchard Irrigation

  • Low angle 9° trajectory
  • Ensures crop foliage is not irrigated during normal irrigation
  • Minimises disease and fungal growth during the growing season
  • Can be run in pod lines of up to 12, which means that rows of up to 180, can be irrigated at one time
  • Irrigation rate of 400 to 800 litres per hour
  • Up to 2-3 rows can be irrigated at one time

Download K-Line™ Std Orchard Brochure (800kb)


The options for orchard K-Line™ include three sizes of K-Pipe™:
32mm, 40mm and 45mm, and four nozzle types for the pop-up sprinkler.
At full capacity, with pods 12m apart, a 180m x 12m strip can be covered at one time. Using the largest of the four nozzles will apply approximately 5.5mm of water per hour, and the recommendation is to leave the system in place for up to four hours in each location.
An ideal solution when there is demand for an irrigation system that can be completely removed at time of harvest

klss.32.nel9d up klss.32.nel9d down

K-Line™ Nelson R2000 9° low tracjectory sprinkler, sitting above  the top of the K-LineTM pod while operational

K-LineT™ Nelson R2000 9°low tracjectory sprinkler, sitting below the top of the K-Line™ pod while non-operational

nel r20009d


NEL-R2000D - Nelson R2000 9 Degree Sprinkler with acme thread
.366 m3/h - .792 m3/h
Available as Purple/Green, Purple/Yellow, Orange/Tan, Orange/Dark Red

KLPU15 - 15mm 1/2" Pop-up for K-Line™ Std Skid



The K-Line™ irrigation range now includes the patented K-Line Karousels™, designed specifically for crops planted in rows - perfect for orchards

  • Enable lines of up 120m to be turned around 90°
  • A Pair of these units will enable a line to be pulled out of one row then around the two turnstiles and back into another row
  • Available in two sizes:-
    • The 1200mm to suit Std K-Line™ pods
    • The 1800mm to suit Mid and Std K-Line™ pods