Benefits of K-Line Farm Pack

Large scale installations of K-Line irrigation pods can be seen on sheep, beef, dairy and cropping farms all over New Zealand, but the K-Line Farm Pack makes this affordable irrigation option more accessible to owners of lifestyle properties from 1 ha up.

The Farm Pack makes it easy to walk into any of the main rural supplies shops around the country and walk out with a pack that contains everything you need  to irrigate your property.

The written instructions and DVD that accompany the pack ensure that even property owners with no experience of irrigation systems are able to set up a five pod installation with ease.

The benefits of using K-Line Farm Pack include:

  • affordable cost
  • easy to move to different areas of the property while the system is running
  • well suited to different types of terrain and irregular shaped paddocks
  • can also be used to irrigate close to houses and on blocks being established with new grass
  • designed for DIY rather than requiring irrigation consultants
  • scalable - simply buy an additional Farm Pack for each hectare of land to be irrigated

K-Line Farm Pack Components

Each package is designed to cover 1 hectare of land and includes five irrigation pods, 100m of 32mm K-pipe, NAAN sprinklers and saddles, and all the other necessary components to install the system.

For bigger blocks, buying two Farm Packs will irrigate more than two hectares of land.

The only additional requirement is to purchase a Jet Pump to push water through the system.

We recommend a .75kw pump for 1 ha and a 1.1Kw or 1.5HP Jet Pump for two Farm Pack kits.

The pack also comes with a full set of written instructions and an instructional DVD to ensure that all bases are covered.

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