Benefits For Developers

The post-demolition land in Christchurch's CBD and eastern suburbs are the perfect example of where K-Line irrigation can be put to good use, quickly generating temporary or permanent grass cover that minimises dust and changes the visual perception of the city.

Developers of individual sites or complete subdivisions are using K-Line pods and pipe to add amenity values and control dust to help meet resource consents during the process of establishing a subdivision.

Particularly in summer months when the weather is dry, dust is an ongoing issue that can be quickly addressed by sowing grass seed and ensuring sufficient water is supplied for rapid growth.

For developments where amenities like parks and schools are included, K-Line can provide a continuing water supply over the years to ensure consistent grass growth and efficient use of available water resources.

The benefits of K-Line irrigation for developers and landscapers include:

  • low set up cost
  • rapid deployment in new developments
  • ease and flexibility of use
  • use of automatic timers to control use
  • application rates as low as 2mm - 3mm per hour

For more information about K-Line for Landscape, view our brochure.

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K-Line Landscape Components:

K-Line's system for landscape irrigation comes in three sizes: Std, Mid and Max, each suited to different types of landscape and terrain.

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