Benefits For Farmers

K-Line is a cost-effective, flexible and scalable irrigation solution for sheep and beef farmers around New Zealand and in other parts of the globe.

As an alternative to high capital cost travelling irrigators and centre pivot irrigation, K-Line is highly cost-effective and has become a familiar sight on dairy farms around New Zealand, Australia, South America and South Africa.

The primary benefits of the system include:

  • low capital cost
  • ease of installation and shifting (just connect behind a four wheeler bike or available vehicle)
  • suitable for all types of terrain and shapes of paddock
  • can easily irrigate grass up to 250mm tall
  • lines and pods can be left in paddocks when not in use and are robust enough to be safe from stock damage
  • system can be shifted while water is running
  • low maintenance costs - the only moving parts are sprinkler units, pumps and valves
  • gentle rain-like application over 24 hour period ensures maximum absorption for pasture growth and reduces run-off
  • irrigation can be operating while cows are grazing (providing heat relief mid-summer)

Introducing K-Line for optimal pasture growth:

K-Line Irrigation: Pod and Sprinkler System Maize Clip ExpoAgro 1


K-Line Components for Dairy Pasture

K-Line irrigation comes in three sizes - K-Line Std, K-Line Mid and K-Line Max.

k-line components