K-Line™ Irrigation Systems

What is K-Line™?

K-Line is a flexible hose line and sprinkler pod system designed by New Zealanders for cost-effective and efficient farm irrigation.

At the heart of the system is a series of tough, rotational moulded plastic pods made to a patented design.

Each pod protects a sprinkler, firmly attached to special K-Line low density polyethylene pipe

The benefits of K-Line include:

  • low pressure operation
  • a range of components to give you maximum flexibility over an irrigation sytem for your farm, development or smallholding
  • being suited to any paddock shape, size or terrain
  • being easily moved by any quad-bike or farm vehicle
  • a low application rate system that ensure maximum uptake of water and nutrients and minimal moisture loss via runoff

What's Inside a K-Line Pod?

K-Line™ Mid Effluent Components

Benefits to Farmers

K-Line is a flexible, low cost option that is ideal for farms that are not suited to conventional centre pivot or travelling irrigators. Paddocks of unusual shapes, steeper terrain or lifestyle blocks where the investment in traditional irrigation systems is not justified.

Now used in many different parts of the world, K-Line has proven itself to be an ideal solution for subsistence farmers who cannot afford a fixed irrigator, and who have plenty of access to affordable labour to move the K-Line pods during the day. Inquiries come into RX Plastics now from parts of the world suffering from drought and water shortages, where the low application rate of K-Line's sprinklers make it possible to grow grass and crops without large water reserves.

K-Line's benefits include:

  • Low capital cost
  • Ease of installation, use and shifting
  • Premium grass and crop growth based on optimimum water supply
  • Tailor application to staff availability
  • Better retention of nutrients lowers fertiliser requirements
  • Control of application with automated timers

What Are Your Irrigation Needs?

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