K-Line Irrigation Sprinkler Systems Ideal for Farmers

The innovative K-Line irrigation system is gaining popularity with graziers around the world.  Pasture farmers have specific needs for their irrigation pipes, including a system that is adaptable to different terrains, easy to move and disperses water without pooling or runoff.  An irrigation sprinkler system that can adapt to all of these conditions is a useful tool for any pastoral farmer.

A typical pasture is irregularly shaped, with rolling hills.  While these conditions are ideal for raising sheep and cattle, they can be difficult to irrigate.  When it comes time to rotate the irrigation pipes, moving the system onto a hill can be time-consuming and complicated.  K-Line irrigation resolves this problem by with its unique design.

This revolutionary irrigation sprinkler system is made by connecting hard plastic ‘pods’ containing sprinkler heads with flexible poly pipe.  The result is a durable system that can be transported, or even run over with a tractor or a truck, with no risk of damage.  Because of their unique design, K-Line irrigation pods remain upright when moved, so they can easily be towed behind a truck or an ATV to move from one paddock to another in under five minutes.

Graziers also need to be aware of the potential for pooling and runoff.  Farmers can do environmental damage and often face fines when effluent runs from pastures and into the water supply.  K-Line operates a low-pressure sprinkler system, so water absorbs slowly into the soil and reduces the chance of runoff.

With proper farm irrigation, pastures can improve their yield.  In addition to the quantity, farmers notice improvements in the grass itself.  “I’m getting better quality pasture,” states grazier Steve Gruell.  “Which is more important than yield.”

After adopting the K-Line irrigation system, Steve Gruell was able to reduce the amount of grain he needed to feed his herd of Jersey cows.  He also plans on extending his grazing season through the use of his new irrigation pipes.  With the help of durable, reliable and flexible irrigation pipes, Guell looks forward to a profitable future.