K-Line™ G-set™ Control Systems


Control Systems

The Irrigation Management System

The K-Line G-Set Irrigation Management System is based on solar assisted, battery powered control units that sit in each pod. These operate low power latching solenoids to control the irrigation sprinkler inside the G-Set pod.These units are independent: meaning that when given information (for example run for 30 minutes at 10am) they will continue to do this until given a new instruction. RX Plastics offers two choices of control devices for the pods.


The first is a specially manufactured controller from Baccara, custom built for G-Set. It has a high accuracy clock maintaining clock synchronicity between devices over periods of greater than a year, to ensure optimal use of pump resources, ie not putting too much load on the water pump or spreading out the time that the pump is required to supply water. The system operates on a simple basis of up to two separate durations per day, every day, minimising programming and set up time. Ultimate control is afforded by being able to turn the pump on or off depending on weather conditions. No harm will occur to the controller or the G-Set in this situation.


The Baccara solution is particularly suited to properties with smaller G-Set installations. For example, when they are used as pivot corner irrigation when numbers of G-Sets are small (eg 70 or less).


The QTech system provides a low cost controller (IPC) at each G-Set Pod. The IPC is self-contained, powered from an on-board Lithium battery, with an integral solar cell. All of the IPCs can, should you require, communicate via a 900Mhz mesh radio network, allowing watering schedules to be centrally managed. The management of this system is on the basis of hardware and software suite of products used to configure (schedule) and control the G-Set installation


QTech is ideally suited to larger installations of G-Set on a variety of terrains as maintenance and management can be handled from the centralised Irrigation Network Controller. QTech installations can typically range from 1 - 3000+ G-Set units.Both of the above solutions, whilst built for G-Set, can also be used for post mounted, solid set irrigation systems.

Mouse over the image below for a breakdown of the control system in a G-Set installation.

gsetbg gsetfg