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K-Line G-Set Irrigation Solution from RX Plastics

How Much Does G-Set Cost to Irrigate a Property?

G-Set installations are frequently carried out in conjunction with an existing fixed irrigation system such as a pivot irrigator. 

Cost can vary significantly based on a number of variables, however a typical installed cost can range from $8,500 per ha to $13,000 per ha, depending on some of the factors listed below.

In environments where the optimal supply of water is required (drier climates) and labour is either difficult to find or expensive, G-Set is highly cost-effective, particularly as a supplementary solution.


  • Topography and terrain will help determine cost
  • How much existing infrastructure (pumps, pipe, water storage etc.) is in place and how much pipe needs to be laid, for example
  • Degree of difficulty for overall project
  • Ability of farmer or staff to carry out some of the installation work themselves

 G-Set is the Ultimate Variable Rate Irrigation Solution

  • Every part of a G-Set installation can be varied to suit the requirements of the property
  • Frequency of watering can be increased or decreased as required, depending on moisture levels and climatic conditions
  • Application depth can be increased at the top of a slope to account for greater exposure to sun and wind drying effects
  • At the bottom of the same slope where it is wetter, application depth can be reduced