Benefits For Farmers

K-LIne Effluent has been designed to meet the needs of dairy farmers for effluent dispersal.

Based on the familiar K-Line Irrigation system, the black pods come in four sizes along with four different sized sprinkler heads to meet the needs of different properties.

The low application rate and low pressure sprinkler system mean that nutrients can be absorbed into the soil, avoiding pooling and runoff into waterways.

K-Line Effluent should be used in conjunction with a multiple pond or solid separator system to remove the majority of solids.

Unlike the K-line irrigation system, K-Line effluent should not be moved while running. To apply a consent application of 15mm depth, the system should be running for 3 to 4 hours.

Research has demonstrated that the retention in the soil of nutrients including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen is higher when using K-Line Effluent in a mole and tile drained pasture, than with a traditional travelling irrigator.

Major benefits of installing K-Line Effluent include:

  • low capital cost
  • easy installation, use and shifting
  • suited to many types of terrain
  • best possible uptake of nutrients
  • easily avoided during busy times of year such as calving
  • low application rate
  • more palatable pasture

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K-Line Effluent Components

K-Line Effluent comes in four sizes: Standard, Mid, Max70 and Max80, each with a different sized pod and different sprinkler units.

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