Benefits For Farmers

This K-Line innovation has evolved thanks to our relationship with South American agricultural cooperative Cooprinsem.

We have developed maize risers and corner Karousels for use on mature maize crops and other similar tall crops that may require additional moisture at critical points in the growing season.

Ensuring plants get sufficient water when required can make the difference between a great harvest and a mediocre one, and our cropping solution is designed to be easy to implement and flexible for a variety of different situations.

The tall maize risers are designed to efficiently irrigate tall crops and the Karousels enable the K-line pods to be easily towed in a straight line down a row and then into the next row.

Implementing the Karousels solves the issue of potential damage to mature plants or trees, causing by dragging a line of pods to new locations.

Specific benefits include:

  • low capital outlay to set up the system
  • easily removed from paddocks after harvest and when ploughing is required
  • rapid regrowth on crops like alfalfa post-harvest
  • optimal distribution of water without run off or pooling due to low pressure application

Watch K-Line™ Maize in action:


Maize Clip ExpoAgro 1 K Line Karousel


K-Line Components for Cropping

The primary components of a K-Line system for tall crops is the combination of the maize riser along with our karousel, which enables the pods to be successfully towed down rows of crops like maize without damaging the plants.

  K-Line-Maize-riser small  karousel

Maize Riser                                                        K-Line Karousel