• Efficiency
    • the application of the most advanced technology results in a higher level of filtering performance
  • Versatility
      •  the wider modular capacity of its components allows it perfect use for any kind of water in both agricultural and industrial field
      • More filters can be added through a manifold arrangement to scale up to the appropriate filtration or flow requirements of the design
  • Cost Effective
    • The design of the components optimises the cleaning process with lover energy costs
  • Application
      • The disc construction means the effective filtering surface is spread over the surface of each disc
      • The 130 micron filters will be a handy first filter to prevent cartage filters from blocking with sand or silt
      • It is readily cleaned without the need for cartage replacement
      • Prolonged life of the cartage

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 Filtmaster Filtration

  • ¾", 1", 1¼" and 1½"  BSP threaded connection
  • Body injected in high resistance thermoplastic
  • Nominal pressure 10 bars
  • High security thread lock with O-ring integrated in the body
  • Drainage outlet: 1¼" & 1½" has ¾" female thread. ¾" & 1" has ½" female thread (drill to make ‘live’)
  • 130 micron filter



FILT.DISC.130 - BSP Disc Filter - 130 Micron
20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm

FILT.SCREEN.130 - BSP Screen Filter - 130 Micron
20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm

filt.screen 2

FILT.DISC.130 - Replacement Disc - 130 Micron
20-25mm, 32-40mm

  • Polypropylene discs designed to ensure flow is filtered with Micron accuracy downstream
  • Discs mounted on a polypropylene framte
  • Multiple discss for filtering smaller particles
  • Other micron available on request


FILT.SCREEN.130 - Replacement Screen - 130 Micron
20-25mm, 32-40mm

  • Stainless steel screen for filtering larger particles
  • ANSI 304 stainless steel screen
  • Deflector base in the entrance forces all the solids in to the centre of the cartridge
  • Other micron available on request

 filt disc50 long

FILT.50DISC.130 - 2" BSP Disc Filter - 130 Micron
Available as a Standard Body or a Long Body

  • Reinforced polyamide (nylon) injection moulded body
  • Nominal 10 bar pressure rating
  • High resistance threaded lock flange in polymide (nylon)
  • Female ¼" BSP thread placed in each inlet and outlet of the filter
  • Useful to measure the filters’ level of dirtiness by difference in pressure
  • 2" connections BSP threaded



RXVB - Vacuum Breaker
15mm, 20mm