AirTech™ (AWTS)


Aerated Wastewater Treatment System  (AWTS) for Rural Properties and Lifestyle Blocks

The AirTech™  system is an efficient, lightweight
sewage treatment plant that safely and effectively
processes all household sewage and wastewater and
recycles it as clear, odourless nutrient enriched water to irrigate landscape, shelterbelt, coppice wood lots or existing planted areas.

For the environmentally minded this means that the sewage and wastewater is treated on the property where it is produced and then recycled for reuse with little or no environmental impact on the land.

The robust, yet flexible, polyethylene construction of AirTech tanks means that they are able to handle more stresses than other materials like concrete, without any damage.

airtech-tank-gardenAirTech™  system installed

Underground view of an AirTech installation

Addressing Environmental Concerns

Discharge of sewage and wastewater to our environment can have a serious impact on soil structures and water aquifers.

With local and regional authorities requiring rural residents with no sewage reticulation, to manage, treat and dispose of your own sewage and wastewater within the boundaries of your property, this issue may become a serious concern for you and the management of your property.

To meet the range of effluent quality standards that may vary between authorities you need a septic tank or sewage treatment tank designed to minimise these adverse effects.

Designed recognising the latest industry standards and incorporating many innovative features, the AirTech™  is unequalled by any existing polyethylene tank system available today.

Controller Alarm Communication Management System


The AirTech™ alarm provides information so you can ensure the AirTech™ is functioning properly and when it is in need of servicing.

Controller and alarm plate

  • Automatic 24 hour self setting facility
  • Wireless connection between AirTech™ and Alarm mounting (usually in the house)
  • 24 hour alarm
  • At 6 months the alarm will start flashing to signal needing a service.
  • Snooze alarm – with 24 hour re-occuring reminder alarm to ensure service is completed and your AirTech™ system is once again fully functioning