K-Line Irrigation for Pasture systems

New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of K-Line irrigation products, pipe, water storage tanks & effluent dispersal systems

RX PLASTICS LTD is one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers and distributors, specialising mostly in plastic
products for water transport and storage.

Our premium brands include the K-Line™ irrigation and effluent range, K-Line™ G-Set irrigation, Max water tanks and AirTech™ wastewater treatment systems.

We are an innovative and progressive company with over 30 years experience in providing industry solutions using extrusion, injection moulding or rotomoulding production.



RX Plastics - Major sponsors of the Sanford Science and Technology Fair

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Featured Product

LDRC Reducing Coupling

RX Low Density Pipe Fittings are suitable for a wide range of applications for rural, commercial and domestic use.

Made from top quality glass reinforced nylon the fittings have been developed for enhanced impact resistance.

With hexagonal surfaces and no sharp external edges, the fittings offer both a firm mechanical grip and a comfortable hand grip.

The fittings are resistant to leaking when subjected to being bent, and are also resistant to pull-out of assembled joint.

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