New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of K-Line irrigation, pipe, water storage tanks & effluent dispersal systems

RX PLASTICS LTD is one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers and distributors, specialising mostly in plastic
products for water transport and storage.

Our premium brands include the K-Line™ irrigation and effluent range, K-Line™ G-Set irrigation, Max water tanks and AirTech™ wastewater treatment systems.

We are an innovative and progressive company with more than 30 years experience in providing industry solutions using extrusion, injection moulding or rotomoulding production.

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Featured Product

k-line G-set irrigation

K-Line G-Set Irrigation Solutions

The number of G-Set installations around the country is growing steadily and farmers are seeing the effectiveness of turning previously unirrigated areas into productive land, growing great grass and fodder.

G-Set is an innovative fixed irrigation solution that is ideal for sloping pasture, pivot corners and a range of other applications, ensuring the correct application of water and reducing the risk of runoff.

Find out more about the benefits of G-Set irrigation for your hill country farm.

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