New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of K-Line irrigation, pipe, water storage tanks & effluent dispersal systems

RX PLASTICS LTD is one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers and distributors, specialising mostly in plastic
products for water transport and storage.

Our premium brands include the K-Line™ irrigation and effluent range, K-Line™ G-Set irrigation, Max water tanks and AirTech™ wastewater treatment systems.

We are an innovative and progressive company with more than 30 years experience in providing industry solutions using extrusion, injection moulding or rotomoulding production.


clearwater mussels sth island farmer of the year

Sponsors of South Island Farmer of the Year

Nominations for the next South Island Farmer of the Year competition are now open, closing on August 1, 2016. Any farmer in the primary production sectors can be nominated, including agricultre, horticulture, viticulture and aquaculture.

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Featured Product

rx plastics bsp fittings

BSP Threaded Fittings

We have redesigned our range of BSP Threaded fittings, making them easier to use than ever before. The new fittings range is engineered with glass reinforced nylon and can be used with a wide range of chemicals used for horticulture and agriculture.

Features of the fittings include high thread accuracy, rounded edges for better handling and ergonomic handling.

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